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Dr. Rui Zhang is building new geophysical analysis techniques

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The 2017 AAPG & SEG Speaker Series Keynote Speaker at University of Louisiana, Lafayette

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UL Lafayette faculty and students find 7 million yo fossil

UL Lafayette School of Geoscience faculty and students fund 7 million year old fossil.

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Dr. Rui Zhang, an assistant professor in the School of Geosciences and Department of Physics at UL Lafayette, has been awarded two contracts from petroleum companies to build new geophysical analysis techniques for understanding the Earth’s subsurface. These three year contracts totaling over $440,000 will support the development of innovative geophysical technologies which can improve the resolution of geophysical data and provide new information on the physical properties of rocks using seismic data. Dr. Zhang says, “The oil business is increasingly demanding new geophysical techniques to better understand subsurface structure and rock properties and this work is a step in that direction”.