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Immerse yourself in the field while you're still in school! With an internship, you can have a professional learning experience that you can't get through your traditional geology and environmental science courses.

Internships through the School of Geosciences are highly individualized, because we consider your background, experience, career goals, and major to match you with the best opportunities. It's a win-win for you and your internship host, because you get valuable professional experience, and your host gets a motivated and educated employee.


In order to enroll in an internship, you must be enrolled in the School of Geosciences as a graduate student or undergraduate major with upper division standing and a minimum 2.5 GPA. You must get prior approval from both the intern advisor and your internship host before you can begin your internship. Prior approval of both the Intern Advisor and the Sponsor at the site is necessary.

Course & Credit

For your internship, you can enroll for either two (2) or three (3) credits per semester up to a maximum of six (6) credits. You're required to work at your internship for a minimum of three (3) hours/week for each hour of credit you're receiving for the course.


To receive credit for your internship, register for GEOL 405 (G). Prerequisites are permission from the instructor and Upper Division standing in Geology. You may enroll in the class multiple semesters, as long as you do not exceed 6 credit hours earned.

Environmental Science

To receive credit for your internship, register for ENVS 472. You must be standing in Upper Division in Environmental Science and you are required to put 200 hours in your internship program.