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Professors' Chicot Acquifer research featured in the news

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The 2017 AAPG & SEG Speaker Series Keynote Speaker at University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Title:  “The Risks and Rewards of Being First: Drilling the first (non-Pemex) exploration well in M

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UL Lafayette faculty and students find 7 million yo fossil

UL Lafayette School of Geoscience faculty and students fund 7 million year old fossil.

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The School of Geosciences Director Dr. David Borrok and his team were interviewed about their NSF-funded research on the Chicot Acquifer.

The team of UL Lafayette professors have been studying the acquifer to find ways to repurpose the region's groundwater for farming and industry instead of drafting from the Chicot Acquifer at a rate far greater than what nature replenishes.

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